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You can verify that your data files are in good shape. Program and data files can develop discrepancies as a result of improper system shutdown, operating system failure, hard drive failure, computer virus infection, network failure, or other computer complications. To minimize this risk, back up your data regularly.

We recommend periodically running this process to test for data discrepancies, missing files, or configuration issues. On the File menu, click Test/Fix > Test the Program. A dialog box displays stating what parts of the program were tested.

If problems are found, do not use the program or enter data until you resolve them.


 To resolve problems found when testing the program
  1. Click Close, and exit the entire program. If you use a multiuser system, all other users must exit the program.
  2. Close all other programs running on the computer.
  3. Use the Microsoft® Check Disk utility to check your computer's hard drive for errors.


    If hard drive errors are found, immediately contact your computer technician. Otherwise, continue to step 3.

  4. Make a backup of your data to new storage media.
  5. Reinstall the most recent version of the program.
  6. After the program is reinstalled, open it and retest it.
  7. Once the Test the Program process passes without errors, run the Fix Data Discrepancies process to verify that your data is correct.

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