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In order to send emails and text messages from the program, you must set up your providers. On the File menu, click Setup > Email & Text Setup.

Email Server Setup

In this tab, specify technical information for connecting to your email server. Obtain the required settings from your system administrator or Internet provider.

Additional Field Information
Email Server (SMTP)
SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Obtain these settings from your Internet provider's website or system administrator.

Email Server Port
The default setting is 25. Obtain this setting from your Internet provider or system administrator.

Server Requires Authentication
Some servers require authentication. Enter your email account name and password. Select Use TLS (GMail) or Use SSL (AT&T) if you use one of those.

Server Limits Emails
Select if your server restricts the number or size of incoming and outgoing email messages.

If an Error Occurs, Delay 30 Seconds and Retry Once
If your email server experiences an error, you can request that the PDS program try to resend after a 30-second delay.

Disconnect and Reconnect After Every Email
Select if you want your server to disconnect and reconnect after sending each email.

Sending Emails from a Record
Select whether to open your default email program or the simple email dialog when sending email within the program. We recommend that OnDemand users use the simple email option.

Text Message Provider Setup

You can maintain a list of cellular providers and their corresponding message server addresses.


To send text messages, you must enter the proper information on the Email Server Setup tab, as the messages are delivered by email to the cellular provider.

The table below gives information for some text providers. To locate information for other providers, contact the provider.

Provider NameProvider Server Address

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