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The program has some predefined reports available for you to select, customize, and print. Remember, you can set the default font for reports as well.

Selecting a Report

There are a few ways to locate reports.

Select from All Reports

On the Reports tab, click the button of the report type you want. Click the triangle next to each group to expand and view reports. Click a report to view the description and a sample. If you know the report name or subject you're looking for, click Find to search in all report groups.

Select from a Specific Group

In any major data window (such as Families), click Reports on the left.

Send to a Specific Family or Individual

In a family, member, personnel, or institution record, click Individual Letter, Label in the navigation pane. For more information, see Address and Send a Letter.

Print Directly from a Window

Open internal reports by clicking Print in one of the following program areas:

  • Any keyword list
  • Title Definitions window (Print List button)
  • Calculator (Print option on the Tape menu)
  • Any quick postings and processes (Print check box)
  • Any Listing Screen window (Print List button)
  • Family Recap window
  • Development Fund Activities window (Print in navigation pane)
  • Development Fund Activities window (Usage Reports in navigation pane)
  • Users and Passwords window (Print Worksheet in navigation pane)
  • View User Log (Log Report button)

Printing a Report

After selecting or creating a report, you can print it. Use the default layout options or make changes before printing.


 To print a report
  1. After selecting the report you want, click Next.
  2. The Report Overview window displays. If needed, you can edit the report description. Click Next.
  3. The default printer and settings display. If needed, select the printer or settings. Click Next.
  4. The Layout window displays. To change the font for this report, click Set Base Font. Depending on the type of report, you can edit certain elements, such as the fields to print, how addresses should be handled, and so on. Make any selections you want, and click Next.
  5. Select which records to include in the report. Use Additional Selections to filter further.
  6. To view the report before printing, click Preview.
  7. To make changes to layout or selections, click Back.
  8. When you're happy with how the report looks, click Print in the Preview window.

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