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You can designate who can access reports and report selections that you add. This can be helpful if you create a lot of reports for your own purposes and other program users don't need to see them.

Useful Information

Before designating access, user names must be enabled. The user who logs in to the program is the "owner" of the report or selection they add.


You can set report access and selection access as one of the following:

  • Public – Other users can view and modify your report/selection
  • Shared – Other users can view but not modify your report/selection
  • Private – Only the owner can view and modify the report/selection


 To designate access to your report
  1. Add a new report or copy an existing report.
  2. In the Overview window, select a report owner and the report access option you want.

Once you preview/print the report, these settings are saved.

 To designate access to your report selections
  1. Select the report you want.
  2. In the Selection window, add your own report selection or copy existing selection.
  3. On the Selection Information tab, select an owner and the selection access option you want.

Once you preview/print the report, these settings are saved.

Notes About Report and Selection Privileges

  • Reports and selections created in previous versions of the program are automatically designated as public. Similarly, when program security is disabled (you're not asked for a user name when you start the program), all reports and selections are public.
  • If you're a security administrator, you can set or change the owner of a report and/or selection. In the Overview window of the report or in the Selection window, select a user as the owner.
  • If you are not the security administrator or the owner of a report or selection, you can't view any reports/selection marked as private in the list. Only the owner or the security administrator can modify a shared report/selection. In the list of reports or selections, you can select Show Only My Reports/Selections to view the reports/selections that you created.
  • When a user account is deleted, any reports/selections they owned can be transferred to another user. Alternatively, you can designate it as public with no owner.

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