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9.0D Release 4-30-19

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PDS DioOffice 9.0D, released for OnDemand 4-30-19 and for desktop 5-7-19, offers the following enhancements.

New Features

Greek Orthodox Member Saint Names

If you use the Greek Orthodox install, you can now add saint names on member records. Set up the names you want to use.

Note that you must set the saint name for each member. These are not automatically populated based on the member's birthday.

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Improved Features

Split Batches

Now, there's an easy way to split a batch into two batches with different batch numbers. You may need to do this if someone imported transactions into a batch that was supposed to be separate batches. For example, you want to move all of your entries from March to a new batch.

In the Move Fund Entries process, there's a new option to assign the next unused batch number to the selected fund activities. For more, see Move Fund Entries.

Additional Fund Keywords

We added two more fund keyword fields that you can use for families.

All relevant quick postings and processes now work with four keywords.

Parish Information for Batch Entries

Now you can see the parish each transaction was assigned to when you view batches.

Also, when you modify the batch, you can see each family's primary parish information.


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We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • When using OnDemand or remote access, the default local printer was not being automatically selected.
  • Users were unable to change their password even when they had access to the Users & Passwords window.

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