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The Parishes & Facilities tab displays the records of parishes and facilities that are stored within the program. On the Parishes & Facilities tab, click Parishes & Facilities.

Locating a Parish or Facility Record

At the top, you can search for a single record based on a parish's or facility's name, an address, phone number, and so on. Or you can scroll through each record until you find the one you want. For more information, see Locate a Record.

Finding Fund History Entries

You can search all parish/facility records for certain fund history information. From any parish/facility financial window, click Find History Entries in the navigation pane. Enter any relevant data for the entries you want, and click Find Matching Entries. To view the record associated with an entry, select it in the grid and click Lookup/OK.

Adding and Viewing Documents

In several Parishes & Facilities windows, you can add and view additional documents that support the information you entered. For more, see Add and View Documents.