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Use the navigation buttons on the ribbon to locate a particular record. You can search for a single record based on a person's name, an address, phone number, and so on. Or you can scroll through each record until you see the one you want.

 To search for a specific record
  1. In a window with this feature, locate the navigation buttons at the top.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Under Search By, select the type of record you're searching for.
  4. At the top, click in the empty field and begin entering the name, ID number, or email address of the record you want to locate.

    Useful Information

    If searching for a name, possible matches display. If you enter a comma, your cursor moves to the end of the last name selected.

  5. Click the magnifying glass icon  to display the record. Or, click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the field and select a record.
 To scroll through the records
  1. In a window with this feature, locate the navigation buttons at the top.
  2. Click the Order by drop-down list and select a method of organizing the records. If, for instance, you order by name, you can scroll through the records alphabetically based on last names. These selections options differ depending on the window you're in.
  3. Click  and  to move to the previous or next record. Click  and  to move to the first or last record.


If there's a particular record you want to be able to return to quickly, you can pin it in the search list.

 To pin a record to the search list
  1. Locate the record you want to pin.
  2. At the top, beside the search box, click the pin icon .
  3. The record is pinned in the search list.
    • Click it to go to the record.
    • Click the X to remove the item from the list.


You can also filter the records you see when navigating. Select Active to show only active records, Inactive to show only inactive records, or Both to show all records.

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