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Keywords represent data you use throughout DioOffice. You can add them on parish, family, fund, member, and other types of records.

Below are the keyword groups. Click a group to see the description for each keyword list.


You can use these keywords for general information.


 General Keywords
  • City/State — Cities/states, country codes, area codes, and Zip/Postal codes you can use in address fields. The Default City/State you select is automatically inserted when you click or tab to a blank City/State field.
  • Email Descriptions — Types of email addresses families and members/constituents use, such as "Home Email" and "Work Email".
  • Letter Types — Types of letters you send members or other contacts. For example: "Birthday Greeting", "Home Visit", and "Final Reminder".
  • Phone Descriptions — Types of phone numbers people use, like "Home" and "Cell".


Use these keywords to describe different aspects of your institutions and parishes.


 Institution/Parish Keywords
  • Deaneries — Subdivisions of your diocese that you can indicate on an office/dept/org, group, or parish/facility record.
  • Parish/Org Keywords — Any information that isn't covered by existing parish/org fields. For parishes, you might say "Has School", "Has Cemetery", and "Uses Landscape Co.". For organizations, you might say "Top Donor Clue" and "Bishop Council".
  • Parish Main Language — Predominant languages your parishes speak, like "English", "Spanish", and "French".
  • Parish Regions — Regions for the parishes in your diocese.
  • Statistic Periods — Time periods to keep track of statistics for your parishes or facilities, such as dates of fiscal years and quarters.
  • Statistic Types — Statistics you keep track of for each parish or facility. For example, the total number of families in the parish.
  • Type of Parish/Org — Types of organizations in your diocese, such as parishes and schools.
  • Vicariates — Territorial sections of your diocese made up of parishes and institutions.


You can use these keywords on personnel records.


 Personnel Keywords
  • Clergy Keywords — Any information you want to track for clergy that isn't covered by existing fields, like "Parish Council" and "Haiti Visit Member".
  • Event TypesEvents that your diocese hosts, like "Banquet", "Conference", and "Seminar".
  • Personnel Achievement Types — Awards and merits that personnel receive. You can add these on personnel records. For example: "Outstanding Leadership Award" and "Teacher of the Year".
  • Personnel Address Types — Types of addresses that personnel have, like "Office" and "Summer Home". You can add these in the Other Addresses tab on the Assigned/Affiliated window.
  • Personnel Education Types — Education that personnel have, like "Ph.D." and "Microsoft MVP".
  • Personnel Keywords — Any information that isn't covered by existing personnel fields. For example: "Youth Group Chaperon" and "Needs Physical Assistance".
  • Personnel Languages — Languages spoken by personnel. For those who speak multiple languages, enter the primary language followed by a slash then the secondary one. For example: "Spanish", "English", and "English/Spanish".
  • Personnel Types — Designations of personnel, such as "Bishop", "Friar", and "Part Time".


You can use these keywords on family records.


 Family Keywords
  • Family Keywords — Terms that aren't covered by existing family fields but you want to track. For example: "Founding Family" or "Active in Block Watch".
  • Family Statuses — Relationships of the family members in a particular household. It's called Status on records. For example: "Multigenerational Family", "Blended Family", and "Relatives".
  • Fund Keywords — Descriptions of how families handle their funds, such as "Canceled Enrollment", "Non-Contributing Parish", and "Contributes Once Per Year". You can post fund keywords to the Rates/History/Keywds window.


Use these keywords on member/constituent records.


 Member Keywords
  • Ethnicities — Descriptions for race, origin, or culture, like "Native American", "Jewish", or "Asian".
  • Grades and Degrees — Grade levels and types of degrees that members have, such as "Kindergarten", "3", "GED", and "Ph.D.".
  • Marital Statuses — Descriptions for marriage status for each family member. For example: "Church Marriage", "Civil Marriage", "Engaged", and "Widowed".
  • Member Keywords — Any information that isn't covered by existing member fields. For example: "Bloodmobile Donor", "Needs Physical Assistance", and "School Computer Lab Volunteer".
  • Member Language — Various languages spoken by members. For example: "English" for a single language household, and "Spanish/English" for a bilingual household where Spanish is the primary language.
  • Ministry Status Name — The status of someone's involvement in a ministry. This can also identify needs, willingness to volunteer, or need for a reply. For example: "Actively Involved", "No Longer Involved", and "No Response". Select Yes to indicate that a status means a person is currently involved, or select No if the status means a person is not currently involved.
  • Parish Status — If a member attended or currently attends another parish, you can add those in the Addl. Parishes window. This status indicates their involvement at those additional parishes.
  • Relationships — Typical relationship descriptions and the default Member Type you associate with the relationship. For example: "Uncle–Adult", "Wife–Spouse", and "Stepson–Child".


Use these in the Safe Environment windows for members/constituents and personnel.


 Safe Environment Keywords
  • Background Check Descriptions — Types of background checks you conduct for employees and volunteers, like "Employment Background", "Federal Background", and "Fingerprints". You can include the number of months the background check is valid before renewal is required.
  • Legal Requirement Descriptions — Things that people are required to do before they can volunteer or work at your organization. This includes the number of months the requirement is valid before renewal is required. For example: "Orientation Class", "Reference Letters", and "Sensitivity Training".


You can customize these to meet your needs.


 Member/Personnel User Keywords

There are 11 User Keyword fields that you can customize. This can be any information you want to track that isn't already covered by a keyword or field. Assign the name of the keyword, such as "Occupation", and set up the options you want in the keyword list.

For example, under Occupation, you can enter "Accountant", "Secretary", "Doctor", and so on. By default, the first three User Keyword names are set up. You can change these even if you transferred data from an earlier version of PDS.

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