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You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through your program. When you press Alt on your keyboard, notice the letters that display above each tab. Press the letter of the section you want to go to. Use the arrow keys to navigate drop-down lists and menu items. Press Enter to select a highlighted menu item.

You can perform actions in the program using the following key combinations.

Key Combinations Action

Ctrl + C

Copies selected text

Ctrl + FOpens the search box, if available

Ctrl + K

Opens the calculator

 To use the calculator
  1. To enter the total in an amount field, click Apply/OK or Enter.
  2. To switch between displaying and hiding the tape, click Tape, then select Visible.
  3. To erase all calculations and commands, click Clear Tape.
  4. To print the tape, click Tape, then select Print.
  5. To paste the tape to the clipboard, click Tape, then select Copy to the Clipboard.
  6. To close the calculator, click Cancel.
Ctrl + P

Prints the current window

Ctrl + V

Pastes copied or cut text

Ctrl + X

Cuts selected text

Ctrl + YOpens the Year-at-a-Glance calendar
Ctrl + ZReverts your last edit

Alt + down arrow

Opens a drop-down list

Alt + F4

Closes the active window

Alt + NMoves to the next record
Alt + PMoves to the previous record
Alt + QDisplays the Quick Lookup dialog box
Alt + SSaves your edits and selections

You can navigate the program using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Navigation Keys

Moves Insertion Point

Ctrl + Key Moves

Left arrow

Left one character or unit

Left one word or larger unit

Right arrow

Right one character or unit

Right one word or larger unit

Up arrow

Up one line or unit

Up one larger unit

Down arrow

Down one line or unit

Down one larger unit


Beginning of line

Beginning of data


End of line

End of data


Next field


Shift + Tab

Reverse tab order



Up one window at a time



Down one window at a time


In any full date field (MM/DD/YYYY), you can use the following key commands.

Key Command



Insert today's date

- (dash) or _ (underscore)Go back one day
+ (plus) or = (equal sign)Go forward one day

You can access Unicode keyboard support.

Key CombinationsAction
Ctrl + /Opens the Unicode keyboard, if available

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