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Once you've set up your sacramental registers, you can add and update sacrament records.

On the Sacramental Registers tab, click Sacramental Registers.

Useful Information

The first time you use Sacramental Registers, you'll see a list of records associated with sacrament keywords.

Adding Sacrament Records

You can add sacrament records for members as needed.


 To add a record
  1. On the left, click the sacramental register you want. These are the names you set up in Sacrament Definitions.

  2. Click Field View, then click Add at the top.
  3. Enter the member's information.
  4. If this member is in your database, click Link to associate this sacrament with their record. That way, it shows up in the Member Sacraments window as well.
  5. When you're finished, click Save at the top.


You can also import sacrament information for non-members or members who no longer attend.

Locating Sacramental Records

Click List View to see all records for this register. If you know the type of sacrament and the name associated with a record, you can use the Search box or scroll through to locate it. Or, for a more advanced search, use the Register Search.


 To search for records in the Sacramental Registers
  1. On the left, click Register Search.
  2. Select the check boxes to indicate which registers to search.
  3. Enter as much or little information as you want to in the remaining fields, then click Search.
  4. When search results display, double-click the record you want to view.

Deleting Sacramental Records

You can delete sacrament records when needed.

Useful Information

When you delete a member's record, the Sacramental Register retains any sacramental information associated with the member, unless you specifically delete the sacrament record.


 To delete a record
  1. Click Register Search, and enter the information for the record you want to delete.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Double-click the record you want to delete to open it.
  4. Click Delete at the top.


Additional Field Information

Refresh Member Info
Compare the sacramental register and the member record, and update the sacrament record with the member record information. This only applies to those with sacraments marked with a status and marked as Perf. Here in the Addl field on the member's sacrament tab.

Note that this is different from Rebuild Sacramental Registers located on the Sacramental Register Options tab in the Sacrament Tab Names window.


We recommend only using Refresh Member Info if you're just beginning to use the register and want to start over. If you refresh and click Yes to update names, any manual changes you made throughout the register will be overwritten with the names entered on the member sacrament.

Print Certificate Back
Information entered in the Notations text box displays in the Notations section of the certificate. If you select Mark as Invalid for Marriage, then the statement "Not Valid for Marriage" displays on the back page of the certificate.

Print Index
Print an index view (single-line entries) of the register for the current sacrament.

Print Register
Print a detailed report of the register for the current sacrament.

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