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     PDS Development Policy

The PDS R&D team develops the products that our clients use. This development policy allows us to innovate and develop new programs without getting sidetracked by older, retired versions of PDS software.

Program Enhancements and Corrections

We perform two types of work: enhancements and corrections. "Enhancements" add new features and functionality to the program. "Corrections" fix program problems.

Enhancements can be released as part of a major product upgrade or as part of a minor update. For example: Going from version 7 to 8 is an upgrade, but going from 8.0A to 8.0B is an update. Enhancements are only released in the current version of the program – this is the highest major version number that has been released to clients.

Corrections can be released as part of a major product upgrade or as part of a minor update. PDS regularly releases updates with corrections for the current version of the program, but only for a limited time for the prior version. Once a new major upgrade (version) is released, the update clock starts ticking for the prior version. PDS will release updates with corrections only for the prior version for a period of 6 months.

Supporting Prior Versions

This policy only applies to development of upgrades and updates. The support policy is that PDS will provide support for the current version and prior version. There is not a 6-month limit on support of a prior version. However, if you encounter an issue in a prior version outside of the 6-month development window, the correction will only be released in the latest version.