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When you login to OnDemand for the first time, Windows Themes are enabled. However, we listened to your feedback and now you can choose if you want to have Windows Themes enabled or not.

Not a fan? Disable it!

To disable Windows Themes:

  1. Go to Settings > Disable Themes.
  2. Exit OnDemand, then log back into OnDemand.


More About Windows Themes and DPI

Windows Themes are set at the user level, and do not impact the DPI settings you select. With the release of OnDemand 5.0, you have better flexibility of the screens size for the OnDemand desktop. DPI settings are obtained from display settings on your personal computer and remain independent of the the themes setting you choose. 

You now can now enable or disable Windows Themes, and/or display settings at 100%, or at 125% of your computer's desktop.