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Last revised March 8, 2018

All services outlined below are included in our OnDemand service.

Server and Application Hosting

ACS Technologies (“ACST”) provides a physical location and infrastructure (including all hardware, software, and middleware) for the servers and uses best practices to ensure that the servers are secure and available via the Internet. ACST also provides the program applications (e.g. ACS, PDS, HeadMaster) that the Customer uses via the OnDemand servers.

System Management

ACST continuously monitors the hardware and software for security threats, ensures high performance and availability required to deliver the OnDemand service, and maintains user accounts and passwords for all customers.

Customer’s Network Support

ACST provides the Customer with a login page, username, and password to connect to the server. The Customer is responsible for maintaining their network and Internet access. 


Connecting to the server requires a valid username and password. ACST will create the first OnDemand username according to the Customer’s request. To add usernames, visit Adding OnDemand Users. You don’t need to request additional usernames, you can add as many as you want. However, if the number of usernames exceeds the number stipulated in your quote, your monthly bill will increase.


The Customer’s printer must be properly configured for printing, here are instructions to set up a printer in OnDemand.

Anti-virus Software and System Requirements 

ACST provides licenses for virus scan that run on the OnDemand servers. Customers must maintain virus definitions on all computers that connect to our OnDemand servers. We strongly recommend that Customers review and follow the recommendations outlined in OnDemand System Requirements.


ACST will make a backup of server data on a daily basis using ACST provided solutions and/or industry standard backup software. For more information, see Data Security Measures.

Ownership of Data

ACST hosts the Customer’s data using our equipment and environment, but acknowledges that the Customer data within OnDemand belongs solely to the Customer. Should the customer decide to leave OnDemand, we will return the customer’s data for a fee equal to the cost incurred by ACST. 

Included Support Package

When you subscribe to OnDemand, you receive the Preferred Client Program, a premier Support packages, which offers:

  • quick issue resolution by our Support professionals using individualized case history tracking
  • unlimited toll-free telephone support Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Fridays from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST  
  • self-service support via email on the Client Portal, access to video, help articles, troubleshooting, and more
  • web-based, self-service support ticket entry 

Leasing vs. Owning Applications

If you’re a new OnDemand Customer, you’re leasing the software in your monthly subscription fee. If at any time you decide to use our software on a local desktop, you will have to purchase them.

Conversely, if you’re an existing desktop Customer transitioning to OnDemand, the software you purchased will be installed for you in OnDemand. If at any point you stop using OnDemand, your software will be returned to you in the latest versions. However, if you added any subsequent ACST software after moving to OnDemand, you would need to purchase it if you want to continue using them.

Fees and Payment

The setup fee is a non-refundable, one-time fee and is due by the date on the invoice regardless of where the Customer is in the transition process. Once the Customer has satisfactorily transitioned to OnDemand, the service will be activated and made billable. At this point,  the monthly recurring subscription invoice will begin for OnDemand. All invoices are due by the due date on the invoice.

OnDemand Customer Commitment Expectations

We want our Customers to have a positive experience joining and using OnDemand. To do this, the Customer needs to be available to work with our professionals to effectively and efficiently convert their data. It’s critical that the Customer is committed to work with us during data conversion..

When a Customer is unavailable during their transition to OnDemand for 30 days or more, they are considered “Unavailable Customers”. Once a Customer is identified as unavailable, the sales consultant responsible for the relationship is notified and asked to contact the Customer to reestablish engagement.

  • If this is not successful within 15 days, the OnDemand assets in our system will be marked as “not using” and the Customer will be removed from the transition to OnDemand queue. The setup fee is non-refundable.
  • If the Customer decides to return to OnDemand within one year of leaving, those OnDemand assets previously marked as “not using” will be marked as “active”. No additional setup fee will be charged and the Customer will be added to the transition to OnDemand queue.

Service Availability and Scheduled Maintenance

We implement best practices to provide optimum service availability. However, we cannot guarantee access to the servers for reasons that are out of our control, including but not limited to the customer's connectivity, weather outages, and natural disasters. Business continuity plans are in place to minimize the impact of such outages.

Scheduled maintenance, unless otherwise specified, takes place on Tuesdays or Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM EST the next morning. ACST notifies you of any scheduled maintenance times at least one week in advance. OnDemand will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance windows, which generally encompasses:

  • upgrades of hardware or software
  • upgrades to increase capacity,
  • other activity to maintain or improve the systems that support our Customers.

We reserve the right to load critical updates at a time that serves the best interests of the company and our Customers.