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Bandwidth Recommendations

The OnDemand service is not a bandwidth intensive application. For best results, we recommend a broadband connection to the Internet.

Speed and Bandwidth

OnDemand requires a response within 500 ms or 1/2 of a second. If the Internet lag time exceeds this limit, the connection can be lost, and the session will be disconnected. Below is a guide which outlines the number of simultaneous users who can be supported at various broadband speeds when only OnDemand is running:


Kbps Upload/Download

Mbps Upload/Download0.030.30.751.53.06.0

At the absolute minimum, the bandwidth for uploading and downloading must not be less than 30 Kbps per concurrent user. Ideally, your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) advertised connection speed should be significantly greater in order to keep users from being dropped during peak Internet times. Also, note that upload speed is equally important as download speed when using OnDemand.

As you may know, countless factors can affect and degrade the performance of your connection. We cannot guarantee that any particular DSL or cable connection to the Internet will perform adequately due to the many factors that may affect and degrade the performance of your connection.

ACS Technologies does not support OnDemand using a satellite broadband service. We have found that the latency in this service does not create a good experience.

Router Recommendations

We recommend a business-class router with Quality of Service ("QOS") Capability. This allows you to specify the priority of certain traffic to the Internet. For instance, all OnDemand traffic to the Internet for ACS, PDS, and HeadMaster uses port 491. Clients who have set priority for the required port for OnDemand traffic have found dramatic improvement in performance and reliability. OnDemand is able to function at optimum performance because it takes precedence over other internet programs using bandwidth.

Your router needs to be able to handle a sufficient number of IP threads for the traffic generated by the maximum number of concurrent users. When calculating total Internet traffic, take into account: e-mail, Web browsing, uploading and downloading files, OnDemand, any video or audio streaming, and all other network use.

Wireless Recommendations

For the best user experience, we recommend our products to be installed and operated on a peer-to-peer network using a broadband connection to the Internet.

Our products can function properly in a wireless network environment with a terminal server solution; however, these options are not ideal. Due to the wide variance of wireless connection speeds, performance may vary and cause the reliability of the software to be negatively affected. Many factors can adversely influence the quality of a wireless connection including the use of wireless telephones, microwaves, televisions, radios, air conditioning compressors, etc. Also, the OnDemand service does not tolerate dropped or unreliable network connections which can occur with wireless signals.