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ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the November 2012 update to OnDemand! This update includes several enhancements to OnDemand functionality.


64-Bit Windows Support

We now support both 64-bit and 32-bit for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7. However, the browser option runs with 32-bit browsers. Mac functionality is coming soon.

Enhanced Printing and Management

We've improved client compatibility to offer better integration with Windows hosts, faster session startup, and support for 64-bit hosts, leading to a more streamlined printing process for you.

Performance Auto-Tuning

Now OnDemand will run even faster thanks to our new optimized graphics engine.

Faster Application Startup

Applications now start faster and use less memory thanks to our drastically reduced per-process CPU and memory usage.

USB Drive and Printer Redirection

Access to USB drives and local printers is now supported in the OnDemand environment for computers running Windows.

Dynamic Display Resize

Now we'll automatically adjust your screen resolution during your session when you log in using your OnDemand login on a different computer.

Improved Dual Monitor Usage in Windows

Using dual monitors helps your productivity and we wanted to make that easier on you. Now you can seamlessly use dual monitors when you are working in a Windows environment.

Auto Upgrades

Now the OnDemand client will automatically upgrade when a newer version is released. This feature is only available for Windows operating systems.

OnDemand on the Web

You can now access OnDemand through a web browser instead of installing it on your local machine. For instructions, see the Downloads page.