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You can view a user's details in User Maintenance. The user name, first and last name, e-mail, and System Administrator value display by default. You can also view the Last Login and Creation Details. The Last Login field displays when and how often users are logging into OnDemand, and the Creation Details field displays which site administrator created a user, and the date and time the user was created. You can sort by any of the fields in the User Details window. For example, you may want to sort on the Last Login field to see who has not logged in within the last 90 days.

 To display user details
  1. On the OnDemand desktop, double-click the User Maintenance icon.
  2. In the OnDemand User Management window, click User Details.
  3. If you do not want Last Login or Creation Details to display, clear the Display detailed information about user(s)? check box and click Refresh.
  4. If you want to copy the user details to the clipboard to paste into documents and e-mails, click Copy to Clipboard.
  5. Click Close.


When pasting items from the clipboard into documents or e-mails, the alignment may need to be adjusted due to varying column and line lengths.