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OnDemand customers must use complex passwords that will expire every 180 days
. Stronger, complex passwords help you protect your data, which keeps your church members' personal information safe.

Complex Password Requirements

  • Must be at least six characters in length
  • Cannot be one of the last eight passwords that you used

It also must contain at least three of the following four items:

  • An upper case letter
  • A lower case letter
  • A number
  • A special character (for example, # or !)


    Use only a letter or number as the first character in a password – not a special character. 

Managing Complex Passwords

Administrators who want to help their co-workers and volunteers transition to complex passwords may find these suggestions and additional resources helpful.

Help employees and volunteers understand how important it is to safeguard your members' personal information: addresses, phone numbers, pictures, and financial information.

It is more necessary now than ever to protect your data as well as the personal information of your members. All of us expect banks and healthcare providers to safeguard our personal information because we know how sensitive and important it is.

The information that churches, schools, and organizations keep on their members is just as important and should be secured as well.

Although you want a password you can remember, you don't want a password that someone can easily guess.

You may want to come up with a phrase or sentence that you can easily remember. For example, use the first letter of each word in a sentence, then add a number or special character:

I have three grandchildren: Natalie, Ayden, and Marli.

Your password would be:


You can use the same password for more than one user. This may be helpful if you have Checkpoint Kiosk only users in OnDemand.

For more tips about creating passwords, please read this blog post

Password managers are designed to store and organize your passwords. Many free secure password managers are available, KeePass and LastPass are a couple of examples.

You can also find them for smartphones from iTunes and the Google Play Store.