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HeadMaster Enhancements

 New Auto Check Out Tab

 Now you have the ability to set automatic check out times for everyone in your school. This feature frees you from performing checkout maintenance on people who forget to check out. On the Home screen, click Options > Check In/Out > Auto Check Out. Click the Use Auto Check Out check box, and enter the check out times you want.

 Improved Functionality on the Assignment Tab

 When you delete entries on the Assignments tab,  you can now continue working with the next list entry instead of zooming to the top of the list.

Resolved HeadMaster Corrections

People without edit rights can complete the Add Checkout Time pop-up box.

Error message displays when a parent not attached to a family attempts to check in.

Error message displays when you edit a record in Check In/Out Maintenance.

Error message displays when you click the Edit Student Schedule button on the Students grid, and then you attempt to add or remove a class in the Edit Schedule window.

Error message displays when you click Actions > Make this Student an Alumnus on the Students grid.

Error message displays when you click Actions > Related Item > Add Sibling or Actions > Related Item > Add Parent on the Students grid.

Error message displays when you click the Filter by form button on the Students grid if the selected field is not visible on the grid.

Error message displays when you click the Preview and Print buttons more than one time on the Classes grid.

Error message displays when you enter new invoices without posting any invoices that were previously entered.

The total dollar amount displays incorrectly when you print the Payment Proof List for the Invoice/Payment Wash option.

The previous totals don't display on the Invoice Proof List after you enter the invoices, click Continue, and then  click Cancel.

Error message displays when you manually apply payment amounts that include cents (ex. $336.96) on multiple invoices.

Error message displays when you create a parent search on Safeguard where the conditions are set to "Completed Date Is Equal To (blank value)."

The mass change for Homeroom Teacher does not occur when you type the name values instead of selecting them from the drop-down lists.

The Class Subject field is empty in the Lesson Plans Detail report.

Inactive names display for scanning in the Lunch Line name selector.

The Email Low Balance notification for Lunch Reports is sent to inactive people.

A lunch order is placed on the wrong student's record if another student's barcode is scanned before the user clicks Buy on the Lunch Line screen.