This guide covers the functions of the lesson plans feature using a Teacher Login.

But, if you're looking for the bare bones information necessary to get you on your way, answer the questions below to go to the specific sections in the guide that apply to your organization.

If you have not completed the recommended lesson plans cleanup, you should do so now prior to the June 14, 2011, upgrade to 10.7.

1. Have you promoted all your students at this time?

Continue to question number 2.

2. Are you currently using Lesson Plans?

Have you completed the Lesson Plans cleanup process?
                    Yes                 No

  • With the HeadMaster 10.7 upgrade, lesson plans have been totally rewritten. If you have never used the HeadMaster Lesson Plan feature before, please view Working with Lesson Plans to learn more about how Lesson Plans work and click the film reel to watch a video.

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