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Lesson plans for HeadMaster 10.7 have been completely rewritten.  To make saving, copying, and borrowing lesson plans easier, the HeadMaster Development team spent the past seven weeks developing a better solution.

To learn even more about what's to come in 10.7, check out an advance copy of our release notes or review our Lesson Plans Upgrade Guide.

Here are some of the features you will be able to use:

  • View lesson plans by week and month.

  • Copy/paste lesson plans from one subject to another.
  • Copy/paste lesson plans from another teacher.

  • Save individual lesson plans.
  • Attach a website to an individual lesson plan to work with your Smart Board or Promethean Board.

  • In case of a snow day or unexpected day off, you can move one lesson plan ahead one day or all lesson plans for that subject ahead one day.