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This documentation is for HeadMaster 10.7. To find information for other versions, click here.

What's new in 10.7? To start, Lesson Plans has had a major face-lift and now we offer all-new online help documentation.

HeadMaster 10.7 is packed full of enhancements and corrections. To tell you about the improvements without going into overboard, we've covered the highlights. We also tell you how these features can make your work easier and how to take advantage of them.

Check out what's new in HeadMaster 10.7!

Lesson Plans Revamped

Lesson Plans received a major overhaul in 10.7. We've added more flexibility for rescheduling lesson plans, either for the entire year or in the event of a day missed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We've also improved workflow to help you get your lesson plans in the system quickly.

Admissions Updated

Now administrators can specify the year parents see when re-enrolling their children using HeadMaster Online.

You can use the new Admissions report to monitor a prospective student's progress in the admissions process. The report tracks inquiries, applications, and re-enrollment.

Streamlined the Add Student Assistant

We combined the Emergency and Pickup contact information windows to streamline process of adding students, so you can enter student data faster.

Rearrange Columns

The Assignment Grid on the Classes - Assignment tab is now sortable; just drag the column headers to the location you want.

Modified Auto-Login

No more typing your user name and password every time you log into HeadMaster. You can now save your login information to make logging into HeadMaster a breeze.

Added Behavior Tab

Accessing student behavior records is easier than ever. Now, just click the Behavior tab within a student's record to see who's been naughty and who's been nice.

Modified Billing

We're watching out for you. Now you'll be prompted to double check your accounts if you use Scan Check to post a check to a family other than the family indicated by the account number entered.

Correspondence Updated

Mrs. Walkaway left for a position in another city without transferring her correspondence? Not a problem. Administrators can now view and copy correspondence set up by other users.

New mail merge options let you enter more information in less time when setting up re-enrollment acceptance letters.

Now you can create a mail merge document in correspondence, select the students you want to contact, and one of the parent options for Send E-mail.

E-mail formats have a great new look.

Is Mackenzie Lane a stellar student, while McKenzie Lane gives new meaning to "Constant Contact?" Never fear! The new grade level column can help you tell them apart.

Enhanced Grids

Does blue make you spew? Is green more your thing? You're in luck. Now you can customize the colors that display on your grids.

After loading 10.7, you may find your grids look different. You can right-click on the grid to make changes to suit your school. For more information, check out Customizing Grids


Updated HeadMaster Online

We've added optional footnotes to the Academic page and on Progress Reports. Now teachers can leave footnotes for parents to explain their grading rubrics.

You can now display A/B classes.

Your daily schedules now list classes for each day in chronological order.

The Events section now displays in ascending order.

The My Statement link is now located in the Family Balances section of the overview window.

Parents can now see a school directory and e-mail parents of other students at the school.

Parents can now see a faculty directory and e-mail faculty members at the school.

Secondary teachers can see classes, students, grades, and attendance information for classes where they are listed as a secondary teacher.

Added Integration with ACS

Does your school use ACS People software in conjunction with HeadMaster? Now, once your system administrator has established the link between HeadMaster and ACS, you can add new family members to HeadMaster as usual, then select Add Family to ACS People to copy the new records to your ACS People files.

Added Preferred Contact Method to Individuals

You can now select a Preferred Contact Method, such as phone, e-mail, or text, on the Phone tab for Parents, Teachers, Students, Prospective Students, and Other People.

Enhanced the Missing Assignments Report

A new reports setting is available on the Missing Assignment report. Now you can print all assignments without a grade posted, and show any assignments that have a grade of 0 posted.

Custom Fields Added to Permanent Records

Have a situation that defies explanation? Add a custom field for it in permanent records. Custom fields created in permanent records can also be printed on transcript reports through Report Builder.

Enhanced Post Grades

Sometimes discretion makes a world of difference. Now teachers can print the grade book by student ID, rather than a student name, offering students a bit of privacy when they need it most.

Improved Functionality in Progress Reports

Homeroom teachers can now print customizable student progress reports.

Updated Headmaster Reports

Senior math, freshman English - How can you tell which class is for which grade level? Classes now display the grade level associated with each class when you add them in Report Builder.

You can now use an Attendance Date Range with the Class Roster Attendance Summary and Class Attendance Summary reports.

Just like your keys are never where you saw them last, sometimes reports can be misplaced, making them hard to find. Now a confirmation message displays whenever a report is moved from one category to another.

Enhanced Headmaster Searches

Now you can search by date on the admissions tracking option previously setup by your school administrator.

Want to know how many students prefer to be contacted via text versus cell phone? Since we've added the ability to search based on preferred communication methods, now you can look it up.

Added Access for Teachers

Now secondary teachers can post grades, attendance, and have the same filters as primary teachers.

Enhanced Transcripts

Sometimes you need a little room to grow. With that in mind, we've expanded the credits field on the transcript to accommodate three decimal places. So, if a class is set up to count for .025 of a credit, they will now display correctly on a student's transcript.

Now you can print semester terms together on a single transcript when classes are only held for a single semester.


Article Number




Enter/Post Invoices is not printing the  Total amount when following a series of steps.



Designated payments on the Statement of Receipts that were marked for tax deductible billing codes do not display in the tax deductible column.



Posting to the General Ledger does not display correctly and requires adjustments.



Error message "Value cannot be filtered on," displays when a class is modified and Copy Roll is selected.



Events on the HeadMaster Online Calendar do not display on the calendar if an event exists without a description entered.



Events on the HeadMaster Online Calendar do not display if description is longer than 20 characters.



The HeadMaster Online Change Request Log does not print information as it displays in the Change Request window.



Children with the same first and last name can see information other than their own when they log into HeadMaster Online.



Error message "Cannot generate report student: Could not open dataset," displays when sorting Rolodex cards by Social Security Number.



Inactive classes display in the subject drop down list for lesson plans.



Error message "TRptEngine. GetRpt ViewID-Invalid RptID," displays when printing on a Student Record Emergency tab.



Prospective Custom Field report does not include the prospective students on the filter window.



A Page 0 message displays when previewing report card, closing reports, then re-opening reports and clicking Preview again without closing the original report card. This only applies to OnDemand users.



Class Attendance and Roster Summary are not including tardies in the present totals.



Search Full Name does not work when Student Filter on Transcripts is selected.