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ACS Facility Scheduler is now available in OnDemand! If you are using Facility Scheduler through OnDemand, you will notice a slight difference compared to using it on your local computer:

We explain the differences in detail below.

OnDemand Help

If you are looking for help about installing, logging in to, or using OnDemand, see the OnDemand User Guide.

The color scheme changed and I didn't change it!

The custom colors that you select — also known as theme, skin, or paint scheme — are assigned to your OnDemand login. If you share your OnDemand login with other people, those other users can change the theme for you. So, if you set the theme to Liquid Sky, only to log in one day and see it set to Black, you might ask your fellow user if he or she is having a bad day. (wink)

E-mailing Files

Now you can e-mail reports in Facility Scheduler OnDemand.

 To e-mail a report
  1. On the Reports tab, click Reports.
  2. In the left pane, select the report.
  3. In the Print group, click Report Preview.
  4. In the Export group, click E-mail As. An options window displays.
  5. In the Export Type drop-down list, select the file format for the report.
  6. Enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients. (Separate multiple addresses with semicolons.)
  7. Enter the e-mail subject.
  8. Enter the e-mail message.
  9. Click Send.

The report is sent to the recipients as an attachment to the e-mail.

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