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Searching Events on the Calendar

Can't remember if last year's VBS was before or after the July 4 holiday? Need to look up the date of the last church potluck? We've added a Find Event button to help staff members search for and edit events. 

To search for an event, enter part of the event name, then click Show Results. You can also enter a date range.

The first 50 search results display in the grid, along with additional information about the event, such as the start and stop dates and times, location, description, and recurrence pattern.

To edit events in the grid, click Edit Event. If the search result is a part of an event series, your changes apply to the whole series. To change a single occurrence, edit the event from the Calendar or Bookings view.

 Registration Periods

Wording change when setting up registration periods. To make setting up events more intuitive, we've updated the wording when setting up registration periods that allow deposits. 



Administrators cannot modify supply prices after purchases. Once a registrant has purchased a supply, administrative users cannot change the supply's cost per unit or tax rate. This way, when registrants edit their registrations, they are not charged a higher price for supplies already purchased at a lower rate.

As an administrative user, if you must change the supply's cost per unit or tax rate, you must make the supply inactive and create a new one.

Inactive supply capacities can be blank. As an administrative user, when you mark a supply inactive, you do not need to change the quantity.

For example, suppose your organization sold hats for an event, then later found the hats were defective and decided not to sell them anymore. You didn't enter a maximum quantity when adding the supply. You cannot delete the supply, but you can enter the number of hats sold in the Supply Capacity field, or leave it blank, then mark the supply inactive. You cannot enter a number less than the number sold.


Viewing Resource E-mails. When you view the resources grid in Administration > Resources, you can see the e-mail address attached to resources.

Previously, Facility Scheduler administrators had to view the individual resource to see the e-mail address, and this saves you valuable time.


We fixed the following issues that affected some ACS Facility Scheduler clients:

  • If you changed the time of a recurring event and added an event using that resource on that date and time, Facility Scheduler did not check for conflicts. 
  • When you entered a line break in a notes or description field in a report, the breaks did not print on the report.  
  • An error displayed when viewing the Supplies tab for an event. 
  • When booking a resource for a recurring event that is weekly and the resource is set to email an individual, the email sent did not display the event recurrence accurately. 
  • If an event spans through the night or multiple days, the List of Events - Summary report only displayed the event until 12 PM on the first day. 
  • When printing the LIst of Events Detail report and selecting to collate multiple copies, the printer did not respect the selection.
  • When viewing the Calendar and clicking on a date not in the current month on the small calendar, the date displayed correctly on the small calendar, but the large main calendar did not switch to the newly selected date.
  • When selecting a query for a report, not all queries displayed. Only the first 50 queries displayed in the drop-down list.
  • When sorting a date field, such as Date Modified or Date Created, in query results, Facility Scheduler sorted by month and date rather than month, date, and year.

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