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2012 already! Congratulations on surviving another holiday season and welcome to a new year filled with hope and promise. We've started the year off right, not with a new fad diet or gym membership, but with a great new release of Facility Scheduler. On our list of New Year's resolutions were improvements to event registration and management. Check out the enhancements and corrections below.



Add General Ledger Codes to Events

No more guesswork for your finance office! Event coordinators can now designate the General Ledger (GL) codes for events. Use it to enter the fund or account code associated with the event's revenue. The GL Code field appears in the Payments window of Facility Scheduler, and it applies to both events and sub-events. If you are an Access ACS user, the GL Code is also included in the Event Detail Revenue, Event Revenue Summary, and Bank Deposit reports. To learn more, see Event Payment Information.

E-mail Notifications of Registration Changes

Now you can have e-mail notifications sent to the primary contact person for events. The contact person receives a summary of registrations and cancellations every 24 hours. (The e-mails are sent only on days that changes occurred.) If a person is listed as the contact for several events, you can choose which events to receive updates for. A separate e-mail is sent for each event (not for each registration).

A sample notification e-mail

Date of Birth and Gender Automatically Entered During Registration

When you add custom questions to event registration, you can now select Date of Birth and Gender as answer types. This is useful for two reasons:

  • If a person's date of birth or gender is stored in your records, the answer is automatically entered as the person registers.
  • If a person updates the date of birth or gender while answering, a change request is automatically created. Use the change request to correct your Access ACS and ACS People records.

This way, people can correct date of birth and gender mix-ups themselves. (Alex's and Jamie's of the world rejoice!) To learn more, see Questions.




In events with a potential bookings conflict, users could not click the Caution icon to view details of the current conflicts.


When you deleted an occurrence of a recurring event, the resources still showed as unavailable.


When generating the List of Events by Resource report, the report quit processing data after 30 seconds. For some users, this made it difficult to generate the report with substantial amounts of data.


Users assigned the Role Type of Guest were not showing the Users grid. This made it impossible to edit or delete them.