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ACS Broadcast

We're proud to launch version 2.1 of ACS Broadcast, a web application that works with ACS Facility Scheduler calendars. It's included with ACS Facility Scheduler at no extra cost. 

Broadcast displays published events on monitors throughout your building. To learn more, see the ACS Broadcast Help

With Broadcast you can: 

  • Manage multiple displays targeted to specific audiences or to specific areas of your campus. 
  • Filter events by location.
  • Brand Broadcast for your organization with custom images or colors.
  • Play a custom video or display a custom image when no events are scheduled. 

To check out these features, sign into Broadcast with your ACS Facility Scheduler username and password.


We fixed the following issues that affected some ACS Facility Scheduler clients:

  • When a staff user with appropriate rights in Facility Scheduler tried to book Access ACS events that include restricted resources, the resources did not display as options. Inactive resources also displayed in the list of resources. 
  • On the Calendar tab, when entering a Go To date and pressing Enter, the small and large calendar changed to that new date. However, when trying to change the date in the drop-down list, it was set to the current date instead of the changed date. 
  • When editing an Event Type and adding a Yes/No field, the Required field was grayed out but not selected. If you added another type of field and selected that field as Required, then added a Yes/No field, the Yes/No field was added with Required grayed out but selected. You could not clear or select the Required field.
  • When editing an Event Type field, such as changing the name, "Unable to add event type. Please make sure event type is not a duplicate" displayed.
  • If you deleted a Calendar that was not the primary calendar for an event but was assigned to that event, the event name did not display in Outlook Add-In. Only the time displayed.
  • When logging into ACS Facility Scheduler on a Windows 10 device, the screen focus on the password field functioned incorrectly. 

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