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Summer is almost upon us, so break out the sunscreen and shades! With vacation in the air, it’s time to plan those summer adventures and create new memories. What’s as awesome as a tall, refreshing glass of sweet tea? An update to Facility Scheduler with several new enhancements and corrections, of course.

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 Conflicts Organization

 The Conflicts notification window now organizes resources in alphabetical order. This helps you better determine and fix scheduling conflicts. 


Conflicts now display in alphabetical order.






When searching for an individual's name under Administration > Users, you must return to the first page of your database.


When adding registrations to an event, if you exit the process before clicking the Save and Close button, the program creates an incomplete event in Facility Scheduler and a locked event in Access. 


Events do not display correctly when you scroll in calendar view. Mouse scrolling is now disabled to prevent this issue.


When existing Access users create a new Facility Scheduler site, the confirmation email does not provide administrator password information.