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Right in the middle of the sizzling hot summer, Facility Scheduler announces a super cool new update. This release includes both new enhancements and corrections, such as a fix for the issue where Facility Scheduler disappears behind other windows. Read on for more information!

Are you integrated with Access ACS? View the latest release notes for more Events enhancements and corrections.

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 Windows Display Size Compatibility

Facility Scheduler is now compatible with the Windows 7 medium display size setting (125%). You no longer have to switch to the smaller Windows 7 display size to view everything correctly in Facility Scheduler. 

Delete Log

We've added a new log that displays details about deleted events. This will not list events created in Access ACS that are not linked to Facility Scheduler.





You can't view more than 50 saved queries. This makes it seem like new queries aren't saving properly when you attempt to save more than 50 queries. You also receive an error when you attempt to save the same query again.


When creating a new site, you can choose System Admin as a user selection from the menu.


You must delete all registered individuals in an event before you can cancel the event in Facility Scheduler and Access ACS.


When you add a new field to an event type, you can't apply this new field to an existing or copied event.


The window sometimes disappears into the background when other programs or windows are open. We've had a long, encouraging pep-talk to help Facility Scheduler get over its shyness. 


When uploading a document on the Forms tab of event registration, the window prompts you to upload an image. We've changed the wording to indicate that you can upload more than just image files. 


The OnDemand iPad app gets stuck in a loop when you launch Facility Scheduler.


When you create an advanced query that includes custom columns, the columns don't save when you save your query. This requires you to re-format the columns each time you run the query.  


Mouse scrolling is disabled on the calendar's Day view, preventing you from scrolling to see the events scheduled for the individual day.


There is a typo in the Refresh button mouse-over text. Resolved