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ACS web applications are written using MS Visual Studio 2010 and related tools. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment that includes all the tools needed to create cutting edge web-based solutions. ACS uses ASP.Net, C#, and Javascript in its web applications. These are provided under the Visual Studio umbrella. MS Visual Studio 2010 is an excellent tool for building web applications.

Key features of VS

  • Enables high performance by allowing programmers to use local storage to reduce web traffic and optimized connections to data.
  • Encourages development of rich user interfaces via huge library of user controls.
  • Reduces programming grunt work via .NET framework which provides a huge variety of pre-built services and classes.
  • Improves programmer efficiency by providing Intellisense, an inline code guidance and help tool.
  • Offers high quality by providing integrated debugging and code analysis to ensure quality from the beginning.