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To design an effective Web site with Extend, you must understand the basic components. The main components of an Extend Web site are:

  • Channels and channel groups
  • Content
  • Content areas and content pages

Whether you are new to setting up web sites, or an experienced web designer, these terms will be new to you since they are unique to Extend. So take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them.

Channels and Channel Groups

The articles, images, files, and all the other "content" that make up your Extend website are organized into channels and displayed for your site visitors on channel pages. Related channels are organized into channel groups. Together, channel groups make up your website.


Once you set up your channels and channel groups, they display in the navigation bar on your Web site something like this:


Read more about Channels.


Content includes any information you publish on your Web site. Extend lets you create multiple types of content, including:

  • Articles. This is the simplest form of content. Articles can contain body text, mini and full abstracts, images, other media files, forms, and hyperlinks.
  • Publications. Publications are time-sensitive collections of articles that Extend releases based on dates you set. For example, you create a publication named "Thought of the Day" that consists of daily devotions. You set the articles to rotate daily. Each day, Extend removes the article for the previous day from your Web site and publishes the next.
  • Calendars. Use calendars to let people know the date, time, location, and purpose of upcoming events.
  • Images and Other Media.You can provide photos, print-ready documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, audio, and video for your web site users.
  • Web Feeds. A web feed lets you include content from other web sites. For more, see Adding Content to Pages.
  • If you also use Access ACS, you can display data from that web program on your Extend site.

Content Areas and Content Pages

When you add content (such as an article or image) to a channel page, you first create a content area, add your content, and determine how it will display on the web. For instance, you can display a whole article or just a hyperlink to another page (a "content page") that contains the entire article. You can make similar changes to how images and other types content are displayed. For details, see Content Areas.