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Below are the changes to Extend added September 15, 2014.


 We added HSpace and VSpace fields to the Image Properties dialog box. These allow you add padding (empty space) around images in your articles.


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 When displaying the XML files of podcasts, Extend listed the oldest file first, newest file last. We've reversed this order.

 The look of the buttons on the article and form editors has changed. The Extend help does not yet reflect the changes but will be updated over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience. 


 You could not set up a multiple day event that, for instance, started at 7pm on one day and ended at 7am on the next. An error message was displayed that the end time could not occur before the start time. To fix this, Extend now assumes that if the end time is before the start time, the event lasts throughout the night and into the next day. You should set One Time as the occurrence. For multiple days, Extend will assume the event lasts from 7pm-7am on the first night and 7pm-7am on the second night. 

 If you added a slideshow to a channel that already had a form object on the page, the form object would not work since the slide show put a form tag around the whole channel. To fix this, slideshows no longer include a form tag.

 Links that opened a new email did not work.

 The "Bookmark this Page" link did not work in all browsers. As a result, we removed the link. Security changes to current browsers have rendered it unusable.

 When editing an article, the option to copy was not available on the right-click menu in Chrome. We've made the option available again but, when selected, you will be asked to use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + c) instead due to new browser security restrictions.

 Some special characters were being replaced with question marks. Because of this, we had to remove the Special Characters button in the editor.

 The error message "The form submission failed unexpectedly." was sometimes displayed when an individual submitted a form. As a workaround, we ask that you press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard then resubmit the form if this error occurs.

 Some emails generated when using a form's email field were not being delivered. This was caused by changes due to the DMARC security policy now being used by large email providers such as Yahoo. Extend is now in compliance, and the problem should no longer occur. For more, see our page explaining ACS Technologies' response to DMARC.

 One customer's photo album did not work as a slideshow. This problem occurs if you use apostrophes in the name of the first photo in an album. We recommend you avoid this.