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Removed the mail link from dashboard.

Updated links to the Knowledgebase (accessed from Help menu).

Podcast enhancements:

  • Added published date column to episodes grid
  • Sorted episodes in descending order
  • Made episode published date editable

Added a new slide show which is created by clicking New in a content row and choosing Slide Show. The slide show feature previously in the HTML editor has been removed.


Added time stamp in .csv export for form submissions.

Added a Copy Form feature (paste as new form or paste into layout manager).

Updated RSS feeds so that they are now listed by date posted.

Updated Media Server and Template Server to allow uppercase extension in filename. Previously, this caused an error message to be displayed.

Added a "honeypot trap" to reduce spam. (You can read more about honeypots on wikipedia.)

Updated our .css stylesheets to increase compatibility with multiple browsers.


Within the Extend calendar, if the description or location details contained multiple lines separated by a line break, the line breaks were not displayed when viewing the calendar.

New calendar events were not being displayed on the live site until you moved a month forward, then back, to the current month.

If article status was "Updating", a "Save as Draft" button was displayed instead of "Save as Updating" button.

Database would sporadically deadlock.

New help system has been integrated.