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The Zenius and Primacy ID Card Printers can help organizations who use integrated ID cards with their check-in systems. You can design these card with barcodes to scan and check people in using the eMedia - Cards CS software that comes with the printer.

(tick) These ID Card printers work with the following software products: ACS desktop and OnDemand (Windows environment only), and HeadMaster desktop and OnDemand (Windows environment only).

To view forms and supplies that work with our software and services, visit our online store.

Operating System Requirements

To use the Zenius Single Sided, Primacy Single Sided and Primacy Dual Sided ID card printers, you must run one of the following operating systems: Windows® 8, Windows® 7, or Windows® Vista.

Installing the Card Printer

 To install the Zenius or Primacy ID card printer
  1. Insert the CD that came with your printer. When the language prompt displays, select English.
  2. Select the printer you are installing (Zenius or Primacy).
  3. Select to Install the driver, and click OK for English.
  4. Click Next to install the Evolis Premium Suite.
  5. Accept the warranty terms of agreement, then click Next for the following four prompts.
  6. In the Setup window, select all check boxes to install the desktop icons. Click Next, then click Install.
  7. When the software installation warning displays, click Continue Anyway.
  8. Click Next on the following two prompts, then click Finish.