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Churches or schools might distribute bar-coded cards to parents in order to speed up child check-in. Parents frequently ask if they can use bar-code storage apps to store these cards on their smartphones the same way they do with their retail loyalty cards or credit cards. They may be using popular smartphone apps like Key Ring™, CardStar®, or Passbook® to store their cards. These apps create and store digital editions of cards that can be rendered on a smartphone display and then scanned directly from it.

You can store your church or school cards with a smartphone app. To scan the cards directly from a smartphone display, using your Datalogic Magellan scanner, you must enable cell phone scanning.

(tick) The Datalogic Magellan 800i Omnidirectional scanner works with ACS desktop, ACS OnDemand, Realm, The City, PDS, and HeadMaster.

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 To enable cell phone scanning on the Datalogic magellan scanner
  1. Make sure the scanner is connected and installed on your computer or kiosk.
  2. Turn to page 4 in the Quick Reference Guide included with your scanner.
  3. Follow the instructions on page 4. You'll scan the bar code first, and then you'll scan the QR code that enables cell phone mode.


In the image below, the bar code on the church check-in card was stored in the smartphone app. When the parents check in their children, they'll open the smartphone app and select the church check-in card. Its bar code will render on the smartphone display, and it can be scanned.