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Returns a single connection's details.


Required Permissions

The user must fall into one of the categories below:

  • System Administration

  • A user with the following rights:

    • Ability to assign contacts

    • View rights to at least one Connection Type

Request Header

Basic Authorization is used to determine security rights for the user credentials supplied using the following parameters.

username: "jadams"

password: "password231"

URL Parameters

site_number – The site number to gather data for.

individual_id The person you are getting details for.  Values from Individual Search API.

connection_type_id – The connection id for the type of connection you are selecting. Values from Connection Type API.

Query String Parameters

include_self  To include yourself in the returned information. The default value is True.

Return Data

  "FamId": 1042,
  "FamilyConnection": true,
  "DateCreated": "4/9/2008",
  "OpenField": null,
  "PermissionLevel": "All",
  "Responses": [],
  "ConnectionId": 2130,
  "ConnectionTypeId": 11,
  "ConnectionTypeDescription": "Follow-Up Contact",
  "ContactType": "Outward",
  "DueDate": "6/1/2009",
  "Comment": null,
  "DueDateLong": "Monday, June 01, 2009",
  "Completed": true,
  "TeamMemberCount": 1,
  "ContactInformation": {
    "Country": "USA",
    "Company": null,
    "Address": "1349 Brittany Dr Apt A",
    "Address2": null,
    "City": "Florence",
    "State": "SC",
    "Zipcode": "29501",
    "CityStateZip": "Florence, SC 29501",
    "Email": "",
    "EmailListed": true,
    "PhoneNumber": "843-667-8311",
    "PhoneListed": true,
    "IndvId": 76,
    "FamId": 1042,
    "FamilyPosition": "Head",
    "Title": "Mr.",
    "FirstName": "James",
    "LastName": "Aaron",
    "MiddleName": null,
    "GoesByName": "Jim",
    "Suffix": null,
    "PictureUrl": ""
  "TeamMembers": [
      "IndvId": 1176,
      "FamId": 1672,
      "FamilyPosition": "Head",
      "Title": null,
      "FirstName": "John",
      "LastName": "Doe",
      "MiddleName": "",
      "GoesByName": "",
      "Suffix": null,
      "PictureUrl": ""