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Performs a search for a list of individuals based on First Name, Last Name or Goes By Name.

Example Doe&pageIndex=0&pageSize=50


pageIndex and pageSize are not required for the API to work properly. These fields let you limit the number of records returned at one time and when you begin pulling information. If you do not enter this information, the index default is 0 and the size default is 50. 

For example, suppose you're looking for all the individuals with the first name John. 300 records match your criteria. If you leave the defaults, the first 50 matches display. If you change the pageIndex to 2, the next 50 matches are returned.

Within our example, the %20 represents a space. You can include this or simply use a space. In our example, to display the entire URL, the optional pageIndex and pageSize display on the next line. In actual usage, these two lines would be one.

Required Permissions

The user must fall into one of the categories below:

  • System Administration

  • A user with the following rights:

    • Rights to Locate Person

    • Rights to Member Search

Request Header

Basic Authorization is used to determine security rights for the user credentials supplied using the following parameters.

username: "jadams"

password: "password231"

URL Parameters

sitenumber – The site number to gather data for.

pageIndex – Page number for the search results; begins with the 0 value entered for the first set of results (optional).

pageSize – Number of results to return per page (optional).

Query String Parameters

q = [First Name | Last Name | Goes By Name]

      Examples:  [Johnathon | Doe | John]

                Johnathon Doe




                John Doe

q=letter – [All individuals with last names, first names, and goes by names beginning with that letter]

Example: [a]

Aaron, James

Banning, Ann

Thorpe, Grace Ann (Ann)

When searching by letter, results display in alphabetical order by last name.

Return Data

  "Page": [
      "IndvId": 12,
      "FamId": 1234,
      "FamilyPosition": "Head",
      "Title": "Mr.",
      "FirstName": "Johnathon",
      "LastName": "Doe",
      "MiddleName": null,
      "GoesByName": "John",
      "Suffix": null"
  "PageCount": 1,
  "PageIndex": 0,
  "PageSize": 50