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To start using the API

  1. Request a Web services security ID or secid. Print, complete, and email a PDF copy of the Access ACS SOAP API Agreement to
  2. In the code, add a reference to
  3. After you receive a secid, you can use it to call getLoginToken and return a token for use with other function calls. Note that this token will time out after one hour of non-use.


  • Calls made into the various functions return Microsoft datasets.
  • If an error occurs, an exception displays. For example, if an invalid token or a time out occurs an error displays.
  • Calls can only be made over https. Standard http calls are not recognized.

Recommended Client

When getting started, we recommend you use the wsclient. This will help you work with the API and how it relates to your specific data.

After you download and unzip the folder, run the wsclient application. This will give you an easier view in to the calls and your data.

When running the application, select the webservices you want to work with from the URL drop-down. Your available selections are:

  • wsca.asmx (General)
  • wscea.asmx (Events)

If you use the wsclient, be sure to select Force all calls to be https. This option is not selected by default.

We recommend you view the General webservices, even if your end goal involves Events. Also, this is where you will create the Token for the calls.

Creating Tokens

To create a token to use with calls

  1. Click Create Proxy . This will return a list of calls.

    Remember. . .

    Just like in the implementation of the webservices, to get a token you first need to call getLoginToken. These are invalid after an hour of inactivity and will need to be recreated.

  2. The fields you need to enter for the corresponding webservice call display in the yellow window. For example, for getLoginToken you need to pass in your secID and ACS siteid or Site number.
  3. Enter your secid and siteid, then click Call Web Service.
  4. Click Save as Token. The token displays in the top right of the page. Use this Token for completing other calls in the session.

You can now select other webservice calls, enter the data required in the yellow box, and click Call Web Service. Your results display on the Dataset results tab at the bottom of the page. This should help you work with the calls and as they apply to your data.