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Returns detailed information about the event identified by the EventId supplied in the URL.


Required Permissions

The user must fall into one of the categories below:

  • System Administration

  • A user with Full/View rights to the calendar event

Request Header

Basic Authorization is used to determine security rights for the user credentials supplied using the following parameters.

username: "jadams"

password: "password231"

URL Parameters

site_number – The site number to gather data for.

event_id – The ID of the event to be retrieved.  Value from Facility Scheduler Get List of Events API.


  • For Recurring events, StartDate and StopDate can be any date in the series. For Non-Recurring events, these will be correct as well as events that are no longer part of the series.
  • The CalendarName and CalendarID only reflect the primary calendar.


Return Data

  "IsAllDay": false,
  "ParentId": null,
  "Setup": 0,
  "SiteId": "8f6d5f74-3515-4476-92ba-c0a00f4ca984",
  "Teardown": 0,
  "Note": null,
  "IsBooked": true,
  "EventTypeFields": null,
  "AdditionalCalendars": [],
  "BookedResources": [
      "ResourceType": "Location",
      "ResourceCategoryName": "Rooms",
      "ResourceId": "f88abfb0-9656-4284-b675-b89974d5a757",
      "ResourceName": "Choir Rehearsal Hall",
      "Note": null,
      "IsRestricted": false,
      "Quantity": 1,
      "Setup": 0,
      "Teardown": 0
      "ResourceType": "People",
      "ResourceCategoryName": "Staff",
      "ResourceId": "275d0400-0bae-4415-8735-a28f199a0f8a",
      "ResourceName": "Minister of Music",
      "Note": null,
      "IsRestricted": false,
      "Quantity": 1,
      "Setup": 0,
      "Teardown": 0
  "Description": null,
  "EventDateId": "c329df01-5030-4c42-bfaa-a355009af726",
  "EventId": "0a5d8e2a-3a78-4c80-9c00-a04b00f7cb20",
  "EventName": "Chancel Choir Rehearsal",
  "EventType": null,
  "EventTypeId": null,
  "IsPublished": true,
  "LocationId": "f88abfb0-9656-4284-b675-b89974d5a757",
  "Location": "Choir Rehearsal Hall",
  "StartDate": "2012-03-25 10:00:00.000",
  "StopDate": "2012-03-25 10:20:00.000",
  "Status": "Confirmed",
  "CalendarName": "Choir",
  "IsRecurringEvent": true,
  "CalendarId": "6ce6d1ff-7532-4a38-876a-94e75cc43cde",
  "AllowRegistration": false
  "DateModified": "2016-04-20 17:47:33.560",
  "Note": ""