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For this API to work correctly, the Access ACS calendar must be set as your default calendar.



Returns detailed information for a single event by event ID.


Required Permissions

The user must fall into one of the categories below:

  • System Administration

  • A user with Full/View Rights to the Calendar Event

Request Header

Basic Authorization is used to determine security rights for the user credentials supplied using the following parameters.

username: "jadams"

password: "password231"

URL Parameters

site_number – The site number to gather data for.

event_id – The ID of the event to be retrieved.  Value from Get List of Events API.

Return Data

  "Calendars": [
  	"Id": 1,
  	"Name": "Children",
  	"Description": null,
  	"Color": "#f00"
  	"Id": 2,
  	"Name": "Main",
  	"Description": null,
  	"Color": "#36f"
  "Locations": [],
  "Id": 688,
  "Name": "Fun Event",
  "Description": "",
  "ContactName": "James Aaron",
  "ContactEmail": "",
  "ContactPhone": "843-555-5555",
  "Status": "T",
  "Resources": "",
  "RecurType": "N",
  "Occurrences": 0,
  "RecurDay": 0,
  "RecurWeek": 0,
  "RecurMonth": 0,
  "CreatedBy": "Jeff Adams",
  "EditedBy": "Jeff Adams",
  "LinkId": 688,
  "StartDate": "05/08/2015 00:00:00",
  "EndDate": "05/08/2015 23:45:00",
  "CreateDate": "05/08/2015 11:45:49",
  "EditDate": "07/07/2015 10:25:12"