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Returns the available comment types the user can create change requests for.


Required Permissions

The user must fall into one of the categories below:

  • System Administration

  • A user with the following rights:

    • Ability to Add/View Comments

    • Full rights to at least one Comment Type

Request Header

Basic Authorization is used to determine security rights for the user credentials supplied using the following parameters.

username: "jadams"

password: "password231"

URL Parameters

site_number – The site number to gather data for.

Return Data

    "CommentTypeID": 1,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Crisis Date",
    "CommentColor": "fabe28"
    "CommentTypeID": 2,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Emergency",
    "CommentColor": "990099"
    "CommentTypeID": 3,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Employer or Business",
    "CommentColor": "ff003c"
    "CommentTypeID": 4,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Family Comment",
    "CommentColor": "ff8a00"
    "CommentTypeID": 5,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Org-Comment",
    "CommentColor": "feef49"
    "CommentTypeID": 6,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Pastor Notes",
    "CommentColor": "85b928"
    "CommentTypeID": 7,
    "CommentTypeDesc": "Personal",
    "CommentColor": "b2a1c7"


CommentColor is a hexadecimal code for the color.