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User profiles are sets of security rights assigned to Access ACS users to establish what they can access.

When you add users, you must assign each user a user profile. A user profile must be assigned to all users except System Administrators.

Security rights for functions are based on granting and denying rights. Security rights for data are based on full rights, view only rights, and no rights. Access ACS has several default user profiles — Staff Login, Lay Leader, Organization Login, and Member Login. Users with appropriate rights can add and edit all user profiles.

You can delete the user profiles that you create. You cannot delete the default user profiles.

Useful Information

The Organization Login option and any profile you create using the Organization profile option only display if organizations are uploaded to your site.

We recommend creating a user profile suitable for the majority of your staff users, lay leader users, and member users. You can customize user profiles for individual users if special conditions exist for them, and you can create as many user profiles as you want.

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