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Small Groups Connections are designed to connect individuals with small groups. 

The Small Group Connection Summary page displays all outstanding assigned connections for the leaders in your organization. The list includes the leader's name, the names of the groups they are leader of, and the number of outstanding connections. You must have the appropriate rights to access this page.

To view a detailed list of all outstanding assigned connections, click Connection Details.

Assigning Connections

Administrators and staff with appropriate rights can assign connections to small group leaders. When you assign a connection to a leader, Access ACS sends a notification e-mail.

 To assign a connection to a leader
  1. Locate the individual you want to assign to a small group leader.
  2. On the Individual Information page, click Connections.
  3. At the top of the page, click New Connection.
  4. Select Small Groups Connection and click Next. A list of available small groups displays.
  5. Select the small groups you want to create a connection and click Next.
  6. If necessary, enter additional comments in the Remarks field.
  7. Click Next. The connection summary displays.
  8. After you review the connection summary, click Submit.

Viewing Outreach Details

You can also view small group connection details. 

 To view outreach details
  1. Click Directories > Connections.
  2. Click on the Small Groups tab.
  3. To change the date range, enter new dates in the From and To fields. To select the dates from a calendar, click , select the dates, then click Go.
  4. To include completed connections, select Include completed connections, then click Go.
  5. To sort the page, click a column heading.
  6. To print the outreach details, click Print.

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