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Outreach Connections are directly linked to the Connections module in the ACS desktop

 On the Outreach Connections page, you can view a list of leaders who have contacts assigned to them for the last seven days, change the date range, sort the leader list, and view contacts for each leader. OverdueIncomplete, and Complete/Pending contacts display.

To sort the connection list, click the column header you want to sort by.

  • A contact is Incomplete if it has not been marked complete in either ACS or Access ACS.
  • A contact is Complete/Pending if it has been marked complete but has not been accepted by the Administrator.
  • A contact is Overdue if it has not been marked complete and the current date is after the contact due date. Overdue numbers are marked in red.

Assigning Connections

With appropriate rights, you can create new outreach connections, which you can assign to either an individual or an outreach team.

Creating and assigning outreach connections creates a change request. An administrator must approve this request inside ACS People Suite and upload the records to Access ACS. 

 To assign an outreach connection
  1. Locate the individual for whom you want to create an outreach connection.
  2. On the Individual Information page, click the Connections tab.
  3. At the top of the page, click New Connection.
  4. Select Outreach Connection and click Next.
  5. To assign a connection to an individual:
    • Select Assign Individual
    • In the Last Name and First Name fields, enter the name of the individual to whom you want to assign the connection and click Run Search
    • Click the name of the individual to whom you want to assign the connection.
  6. To assign a connection to an outreach team:
    • Select Assign Team.
    • In the Select a Team drop-down menu, select the outreach team to which you want to assign the connection.
  7. Enter information about the connection in the available fields.
  8. Click Next. The summary of the connection displays.
  9. Once you review the connection summary, click Submit.

Outreach Details

The Outreach Details page lets you can view a list of all contact information for each contact on a single page. You can change the date range, include completed connections, sort the leader list, and print a report.

 To view outreach details
  1. Click Directories > Connections.
  2. Click on the Outreach tab.
  3. To change the date range, enter new dates in the From and To fields. To select the dates from a calendar, click , select the dates, then click Go.
  4. To include completed connections, select Include completed connections, then click Go.
  5. To sort the page, click a column heading.
  6. To print the outreach details, click Print.

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