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The Statistics area lets you view tables and graphs for membership, attendance, contributions, and outreach. Statistics tables display for all selected areas, but graphs only display for certain areas.

You can customize the My Statistics page to display only the statistics you want to view. By default, the following statistics display:

  • Record Count
  • Member Status
  • Attendance for the Week Ending
  • Gifts and Pledges for Week Ending (most recent Sunday)
  • Fund Details
  • Outreach Contacts Made
  • Small Groups by Category, Individual and/or Attendance
  • Opportunities by Category and/or Individual

To customize the My Statistics page

  1. Point to Statistics, then click My Statistics.
  2. On the My Statistics page, click Customize.
  3. Under each set of Statistics, select the options you want to display. If you select the Attendance option, select a category from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To print the page, click Print. At the top of the Print Preview page, click Print to print the current view.

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