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The ACS GL Export for Online Payments report displays online payments for events with a GL Code associated with them.

The report displays transactions sorted by Batch ID and includes the transaction's date, ID, GL Code, event name, and amount. You can view this report or export it, and you can also import it into ACS General Ledger. If you plan to import this report into ACS General Ledger, do not edit the fields.

To generate this report, you must have adequate rights to Event Reports in Access ACS.

Working with refunded transactions

Full Refunds

If a transaction is refunded in full within the same batch, the transaction nor the refund are included in the export.

If a transaction appears in one batch and is refunded in another, the full amount paid displays in the export, but the refund does not display in any export. You must manually enter this refund in General Ledger.

Partial Refunds

Partial refunds are subtracted from the transaction amount so that only what is received is sent to General Ledger. For example, someone makes a $100 deposit for a ski trip, then makes a $50 payment. The next day, the individual asks to have the $50 refunded. If all transactions are in the same batch, $100 is sent.

If the transactions are in different batches, you must manually enter the refund.

To view or export the ACS GL Export for Online Payments

  1. In Access ACS, click Reports, then Event Reports.
  2. In the Report Type drop down list, select 12. ACS GL Export for Online Payments.
  3. Enter the report's Start Date and End Date.
  4. Select the Campus or Department the report is for.
  5. Select any specific events for the report.
  6. To view the report, click View Report. To export it, click Export

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