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The Pledge History tab displays the selected organization's pledge information for the current and past year. The organization's picture, information, and primary contact information displays across the top of the tab.

The total of the organization's pledges given in the selected year displays after Total Given to Pledges in <year>. If any money is required to meet an established pledge goal, the amount displays after Remaining BalanceIf a pledge is forgiven, the word Forgiven displays instead of the progress bar, and the balance is $0.00.

To view an organization’s pledge history


  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Organization. The Locate Organization page displays.
  2. If necessary, in the Organization Level drop-down list, select an item. By default, <Show All Organizations> is selected.
  3. In the Organization Name field, enter your search criteria, and click Run Search.
  4. Click on the organization whose pledge history you want to view, then click the Pledge History tab.
  5. To change the year you are viewing pledges for, click the Pledge Summaryfor drop-down list.
  6. To print pledge history, click Print.

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