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The Giving History tab displays the organization's contribution history for a selected year. The organization's picture, information, and primary contact information display across the top of the tab.

To view an organization’s contributions

  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Organization. The Locate Organization page displays.
  2. If necessary, in the Organization Level drop-down list, select an item. By default, <Show All Organizations> is selected.
  3. In the Organization Name field, enter your search criteria and click Run Search.
  4. Click on the organization whose contributions you want to view.
  5. Click the Giving History tab.
  6. To view the organization's ten most recent contributions, click 10 Most Recent Contributions.
  7. To view all of the organization's contributions, click Show All.
  8. To select a previous year, click the For Year drop-down list.
  9. To view only contributions made during a specific date range, click During Date Range. Enter a Start Date and End Date.
  10. Click Go.

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