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The My Profile/View Individual tab is divided into subtabs. Depending on your rights, all or several of the following tabs display:

  • Profile
  • Serving
  • Organization
  • Groups
  • Event Setup
  • Comments

Changes do not display until they are approved by an administrator.

Information Displays

The tabs available on the My Complete Profile page change based on whether you are viewing your personal information or another member's information.

Personal Information

Another Individual's Information

My Profile

View Individual

My Connections


My Giving History

Giving History

My Pledge History

Pledge History

Individual Information

Individual information (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address) always displays across the top of all of the My Complete Profile pages. If available, a photo of the individual displays as well. Users must have rights to view photos.

  • To view a map of the address the individual entered, click View Map beneath the address.
  • To send the user an e-mail, click the e-mail address.

Editing personal information creates a change request. An administrator must process this change request inside ACS People Suite, then upload the record to Access ACS to display the changes. 

 To edit personal information
  1. Click Edit or click the Edit  icon.
  2. Make any necessary changes and click Submit.

The individual's family member information displays beside her individual information section. To view information about a family member, click her name.

With appropriate rights, you can add family members to the individual's record.

Adding new family members creates a change request. Before the new members display, an administrator must approve the request in ACS People, then upload the changed record to Access ACS. 

 To add a family member
  1. Click Add new family member .
  2. Enter information about the new family member. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
  3. If you are finished entering family members, click Submit. To continue adding family members, click Submit and Add Another Family Member.

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