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When you view an individual profile, you can view class, activity, and small group attendance markings for the individual. If class, activity, or small group attendance information is not available, the View Attendance links do not display. To view attendance markings, you must have appropriate rights.

To set the number of attendance marking entries that display on each page, select a number from the Records Per Page drop-down list.

To view group attendance

  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Individual.
  2. On the Locate Individual page, enter your search criteria and click Run Search.
  3. If a list of search results displays, click the name of the individual whose profile you want to view.
  4. On the Individual Information page, click View Attendance in the Classes, Activities, or Small Groups area.
  5. In the Select Group drop-down list, select the group for which you want to view attendance markings.

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