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Access ACS Calendars

The View Event page displays information for individual events on your Access ACS calendar. From this page, you can:

Facility Scheduler

You can view a Facility Scheduler event to display important information on your Facility Scheduler calendar.

To view an event

  1. Point to Events, then click Calendar.
  2. Click the event you want to view details for.
  3. The event credentials display. To view more information, click View More Details.
  4. All of the event information displays. On this page you can register for the event and edit the event.

The View More Details page displays information for an individual Facility Scheduler event. From the page you can send the event to your Microsoft Outlook calendar or edit the event.

Event Exceptions

Event exceptions are dates that are not part of the normal event recurrence pattern. When you view the details of an event exception, * Contains Exceptions displays along with the original event details.

To view exception details 

  1. Click View More Details.
  2. In the Dates/Times section, click the View Exceptions link.
  3. The original event details display along with a list of the exceptions. If there are more than ten exceptions for the event, a scroll bar displays.
  4. Click Close.


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