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Once you locate an organization, you can view organization information. Organization and Primary contact information displays across the top of the page, and all related pages.

The page is divided into Profile, Staff, Activities, and Comments subtabs that contain the most recent organization information. 

The organization's information (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address) displays across the top of all of the Organization Profile pages. If available, the organization's photo displays also. You must have rights to view photos to see this feature.

  • To view a map of where the organization is located, click View Map.
  • To send the organization an e-mail, click the e-mail address.

The organization's primary contact information displays beside the organization information section. To send an e-mail to the organization's primary contact, click his name.

From this page, you can view and edit the organization’s information.

To view and edit an organization

  1. Point to Directories, then click Locate Organization. The Locate Organization page displays.
  2. If necessary, in the Organization Level drop-down list, select an item. By default, <Show All Organizations> is selected.
  3. In the Organization Name field, enter your search criteria.
  4. Click Run Search. The search results display.
  5. Beside the organization you want to edit, click Edit.
  6. Make the necessary changes to the Organization Information and User Defined fields.
  7. Click Submit.


Editing an organization's record creates a change request.

To display the edits, an administrator must approve this change request inside ACS People Suite and upload the records to Access ACS.

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